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Last revised 17/2/12

You can find covered there:

  • who are the road idiots?
  • why so many idiots are on the roads?
  • why tailgating is more serious than speeding alone?
  •  government is blamed for all that
  • police and road safety
  • government and road safety
  • wide spread corruption
  • is government interested at all in road safety???
  • universities consume public money but fail to conduct a research and refuse to accept a private research data
  • we pay taxes, we get killed, injured and traumatized government ignore all that, what can we do?
  • constant speed or constant distance?
  • and more…

Tailgating issues


Would you go to visit friends on bicycle? Or would you send regularly your children to school and everywhere on bicycle?

Most people are terribly scarred to even contemplate it. It is because roads are so dangerous. There are plenty of idiots on the road. We know it, we hear about them on media and police and driving specialists usually refer to a dangerous drivers as idiot drivers.

Forget about authorities knowing about idiots and still give them license.

Who are the idiot drivers?

Surely them not us.

But is it really so?

Fact of life is that we the 99% drive dangerously. Yes, and I know because I’ve done the first and private tailgating research. First in Australia. Though it is sad fact, I do not say to simply upset you but to make you aware that it is unacceptable. I actually blame the government for your dangerous driving. How? They without a proper driver training and other medical and other relevant tests grant you a license. Do not try even to argue that. Just think about one situation. How many rules knows by heart I mean the old and new road rules the 90 year old driver? How many times one was required to refresh one’s manual driving skills and to refresh the knowledge of rules? Do not even try to refer the matter to the GP, politicians do it, it is highly irrational and in most cases not the doctor but the elderly is more rational and gives up the license against the GP assurances.

There are plenty of situation where authorities do everything wrong regarding issuing license and ensuring safe driving.

Ok, price for killing an innocent road user is typically $300, such severe punishment for dangerous drivers does clearly mean how dedicated politicians are to ensure safe roads. You accept it easily if it happens to someone, and you are very sorry when your loved one was killed, crippled or otherwise injured.

We collectively do wrong and we blame the government because they refuse, (refuse because me and many others demand a proper and comprehensive driver training and at school driving education from young age) to train properly drivers and refuse to police properly the existing rules and to make them sensible. Government disallow police and agencies to deal with dangerous or extra dangerous drivers to find out the actual cause of dangerous driving, crash or other incident and to take steps to ensure similar behavior is unlikely.

All that means that if you cycle and someone hate cyclists hit you and injure, the dangerous driver is free to continue one’s anti bicycle campaign. One is free to kill and injure other road users.

Government refuse to take serious steps say to monitor and fine tailgators. They concentrate on speeding.

Speeding alone is much much less dangerous than tailgating.

The government have no real life information on tailgating (I’ve done first and the only research) and they refuse to obtain my information and assessing method for free and keep making decision without any real life reference. It is guess work or working in the dark. Yes they do not know and are not interested to find the facts.

This article is to inform you more about dangerous driving, particularly tailgating and what can we do.

We can educate ourselves on private courses as I did, and to monitor and report dangerous drivers around us and to demand our politicians to make a proper rules and to get serious on safety.

Police themselves in my long experience is in general very ignorant on rules and driving habits. For the few exceptionally well educated and interested in safety, I must say it was a pleasure to meet a very few police officers who are for safety. Unfortunately the ministry and political system does not allow them to apply their good skills.

Police when you want to report, are not only ignorant and disinterested but are unwilling to make report and often make a laugh of you. The young man complained that often police have laughed of him when he tried to report a very serious road offenders. I personally would say that police call centre is almost totally corrupt.


Driving close behind another car (tail) is dangerous not because I or someone else think this is, but because this is a long established fact.

Long time ago the experts around the world have come up with a description of tailgating and they set the standard. Most experts recommend 1-3 seconds (s) of distance at any speed as the threshold.

The most common world wide is 2s distance what corresponds to 36 (32) m at 60kmh. Some states punish if offender break 1s following distance.

The distance is explained by the experts as distance which allow to slow down or stop to avoid crash if necessary. Such distance (2s) still does not guarantee but make it about possible to stop in case of emergency.

Is tailgating really unsafe?

There are some arguments thrown by uneducated that they can stop in time at any distance. It is so irrational that it is not worth to elaborate on this. It even happened to me in Adelaide that a very high ranking police officer who was proud to serve the traffic section for 16 years, he advocate the 200mm following distance at free-way speeds.

That police force does not employ the brightest people, it is common knowledge, but this officer is extremely irrational. To offset this comment, I also met but only a few very intelligent and dedicated police officers who do understand safe driving. Weather they are allowed by the government to implement their knowledge is another matter.

We’ve just established that the 2s following distance gives a reasonable chance to stop in time.

Police statistics show that the rear end crashes are the absolute majority of crashes. In my opinion they are at least 99% preventable.

No, you cannot rely on your excellent brakes, no matter what technology they employ. Unfortunately even if you are a young and fast reacting driver behind the BMW, the 2s still apply to you. Your perception of the situation and your decision to slow or to stop also counts towards the breaking distance. Unfortunately regardless of what you think about your own driving skills, no driver in Australia receives adequate training. The rules also do not help. Therefore it is clear that as the power of the cars improves very much, the training and brain power of the driver does not follow. For this and other reasons most young people drive very dangerously and in particular women.

Have you thought?

Tailgating can be compared to someone standing near you and shouting at you a 10cm from your mouth. One does not need to touch you in order to offend you. Such behavior is highly offensive and unacceptable. Tailgating is equally if not more serious.

Number of irrational arguments for tailgating.

Plenty of friends try to educate me: do not care what happen behind you, it will be their fault…

Unfortunately it is another irrational advice.

Most people get into panic mode when I suggest they take up the cycling. They are so scared that they do not allow even discuss that. In my opinion it is very irrational. We must be free to cycle and if it is not safe, do not seat quiet but demand our public servants like Premiers do ensure adequate safety for cyclists.

For some reason same people do not apply their preventable measures to driving a car. If it is known (to whom It is known?) that tailgating is dangerous to all people on the road, why put your head in the sand?

Oh, yeah, you cannot do anything what the driver does behind you – you surely say.

Again wrong. Sure, you cannot directly tell the offending driver behind you to keep the distance, he does not do it to annoy you but he/she has no adequate training to understand this. But what you can do you should. You should reduce your speed to match the distance the driver keeps behind you.

If you do that well enough, you by your decision turn unsafe situation back to safe.

He I already hear a choir of uneducated drivers who know for sure that this dangerous because you provoke the driver behind you to be upset.

Again it is even more irrational argument. Regardless if the driver become more agitated or not, you are trying to advocate not to drive safely because you may upset someone. It is ridiculous.

I can understand a common uneducated drivers but most police officers use such arguments.

Therefore, if you are a common uneducated driver and feel upset on such a message, it is not aimed to condemn you. You are an ignorant and you are excused, it is directed to condemn the professionals who in the end support the dangerous driving and so much problems as will be explained later.

Some use somewhat more rational arguments that it is impossible to keep the recommended distance. At present the lawlessness supported by government is so great that it is almost impossible.

Police and the government spend lots of public money to advertise the 32m following distance. It is waste of money since nobody care nor observe nor police that.

In practice the problem would be much reduced if all drivers never break the 1s distance that is 15m.

Don’t teach others on the road. It is most likely you will hear your family and passengers giving you such an advise. But is it right?

On one hand it’s right. Who are you to teach others? On the other hand everything you do, you do teach others by example. Do not teach them the way they teach you to cut in front or other dangerous maneuvers. Do not teach them purposely at all. Note their registration and particulars and report to police. However, according to known rules of pedagogy, if you give up when the tailgator is pushing on you, you teach them that it is the way to go. You give them a victory, a reward for teaching you. If you do not give up, you do not give them victory nor rewards for creating danger.

The difference of sick kind of teaching and a proper, mature behavior is that you are absolutely right in your driving manner. Your aim is not to teach but to drive safely. Most behind you, weather you like or not, will learn some elements of your safe driving. Women and some odd bad drivers will not learn. But they are safe though frustrated behind you.

So whoever advise you not to teach others on the road, one is wrong and is teaching them to push, bully and drive dangerously.

Remember, think, discuss, read, search and be convinced that you drive safe. Than no one even unintelligent policeman (plenty of such around) will tell you that you are wrong. Do not leave any issue unanswered. Here many are answered for you.

Your goal is safe driving not mob culture driving.


Again, police specialists lie on talk back radio and in their reports that only the odd driver is making a bad image to many other drivers. It is nonsense. They do not know what they say. Nobody ever measured it despite wasting huge amounts of public money for safety research.

They often use the term the one in hundred is a bad drivers and others are good. It is exactly other way round.

All police force talk lies and nonsense, they and ministry refer to the university research. Such a research does not exist. It is all lies and corruption.

I took their side and thought that such a research would be so complex and expensive so even universities did not do it yet. All wrong. I’ve devised and conducted some research on tailgating and every class on any school level can do it to get more data and get some other study. It is precise and easy to do.

My private research indicate that between 55 and nearly 100% of all drivers do tailgate.

This so far does mean that they break the 2s barrier. But what is really worrying, is a fact that most bad drivers concentrate at the 0.1s end.

Any decent person and thinking person will not ignore that. But all government agencies starting from the ministers and Premiers and police, do ignore my research. This is the only research in Australia and perhaps in the world.

They ignore my results for free and they stick to their lies and irrational decisions based on imaginations not on facts.

Well known official lies are: speed kills.

I do not advocate speeding but the radars and fines for speeding is only revenue raising as most people say and I say it is government robbing innocent people. It has absolutely nothing to do with safety. If it had, the system would be devised in such a way that we would not see repetition of speeding. We know that many people are fined very many times. So It is not designed to improve safety because it is not working. However it generates lots of revenue and this is the only purpose.

Speeding is just one factor contributing to dangerous driving. In some situations it could be justifiable to drive a bit over the limit but in others not.

Tailgating is a complex problem because usually involves many factors contributing to dangerous driving. Speeding is one, blocking the rear view, creating the situation impossible to avoid crash and so on.

For some reason, police and the government ignore the multi-factorial problem like tailgating and concentrate on much safer single factor just speeding. One may interpret this way. Speeding sometimes in some situations is dangerous. Tailgating is always dangerous. Simple fact that if you are driving very early in the morning on empty road, dry and sunny, nobody around, speeding is relatively safe. But when you are tailgating you are creating danger. At least two cars are already involved.

Most women and in particular young women, are the worst tailgators.

They keep the shortest distance and they never ever back down. They pursue their prey in front until they are forced to speed or to change lane. Lady drivers are relentless predators. Here the aggressive nature of man and innocent and gentle of women is revealed that it is not true.

If you are a woman driver as just described, you may still think if you think about such issues, so what, I am in a hurry …

This is childish way of thinking. The driving on the road is not this same as computer game. It is real life and real problems you are creating. There is no justification to create danger.

If you are a woman, how would you feel, if a man, any man came so close to you that his face be 5-10cm from your face. One would only talk to you calmly. I am sure you would be offended and not be willing to go on like that.

Think rationally please. If you follow someone say man on the road and you are so close, It is even worse than the situation of man talking to you from very close distance (one does not touch you).

Man close to you, stirs your emotions and only emotions. When you pursue someone very close you not only stir one’s emotions but you create danger directly. In case of cyclist, you are likely to kill one on spot or cripple for life. How about your child would be crippled that way?

When you follow someone very close, you block one’s rear view very much, you distract one, and as mentioned, make impossible to stop to avoid crash.

Weather women are more aggressive than man, I do not try to prove, but fact is that women drive more dangerously than man. If you as a woman do not want to contribute to the picture of violent women, you can voluntarily undergo an extensive driving training. You can advice your friends to do this same, and you can ask your MP to require a much more advanced driving training to all drivers, young and old, male and female.

I’ve heard even argument that it is not possible to keep a prescribed 2s distance because the car cues would stretch many more kilometres.

It is also nonsense argument because it is well known that tailgators are very poor drivers who are not able to think independently and clearly and they actually do block the traffic despite constant acceleration, deceleration, speeding, cutting in front, tailgating and swearing. They have locked mind on one thing – to bully the one in front. Many times was proved that if you are a real good driver, you arrive to city or to destination at same time or earlier than the dangerous tailgator. And you do not speed, tailgate or cut in front.

It makes sense. If you are educated properly, you can drive more effectively and safer without adversely affecting others.

When you keep the distance, you can afford to accommodate the compensation of someone’s or yours occasional mistake. If you do tailgate, you have no chance to correct someone genuine mistake or mishaps.

Typical problems with safe driving.

Here is a likely scenario why you may not want to drive safely but to continue to tailgate as everybody else.

You drive with your friends or family. One female pursuer is 3-4m behind you. You make a decision, to risk the crash possibly a minor and lots of money and hassles, a large crash a pile up of many cars with lots of injury or even death, or to drive safely and to slow down that is to adjust your speed to the distance the pursuer imposed on you?

Lets say you are under an impression of this message and you try to slow down. The relentless pursuer is even closer to you, is flicking head lights, is beeping, is waving hands and even swearing at you.

You stick to a safe driving and do not give up. The long tail forms behind your pursuer because you have slowed to adjust the speed to the small distance.

Occasionally some brave drivers overtake your pursuer and you and beep and vent an anger at you.

Well, you are still unmoved and you drive safe. More head lights flicking, more sounding horn, swearing and your passengers start to take a role of your coach. Go on, do not create danger, move out of the stupid way and so on. You become uncomfortable because your own passengers whom you wish to deliver in safety, they prompt you to drive dangerously as every body else.

Weather you give up or not, you come home and ring police to discuss such a situation. A senior police officer tells you that 200mm (length of your palm) on free-way is ok. Than you give up and … sooner or later you cause crash and injuries.

This anecdotal story is based on facts. It all happened to me except I did not caused crash.

I wish that you get right conclusions from this message. The best is to actually check every aspect mentioned here and get your independent research. Think about it and decide if you want to play a Russian roulette or drive safely and give good example and to demand our police and government to stop corruption and get serious with road safety.

I only mention here as it is not aim to explain all road problems. The road rules are all wrong. Some are ok and some are very wrong. The rules also were not designed to improve road safety but to punish you eventually. The rules are illogical and even promote dangerous driving. They are also unnecessarily too complex.

Constant speed vs constant distance.

Unless you get out of Australian standard thinking that you were born to be a slave of the speed and the speed limit, you will not be able to understand anything in this chapter.

In Europe there is a good concept of safe speed. They also have a speed limit which is hard to believe does mean the limit not the cruising speed. The safe speed is such a speed below the limit which allow you to slow down and even to stop to avoid crash.

In Australia almost all drivers and the government falsely believe that speed limit is this same as safe speed. What makes it real bad, is fact that the government actually pushes drivers to drive at least at speed limit. Even the infamous road rules make lately a vague mention urging drivers to drive fast.

I want to make sure that this speeding culture is wrong, the government is wrong and all is against the safe driving. No discussion about. But this irrational legacy have a nasty consequences that drivers religiously believe that driving at speed limit is their right and duty and absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Unfortunately it is illogical and wrong. If you analyze and compare with the European safe speed concept, you see that safe speed vary depending on the lighting condition, weather condition, and general road situation.

If the driver’s mind is set to constant speed that is the 60 kmh in the city no matter what, this is in case of crash and death a murder. It is planned killing.

If we take on the other hand the constant distance as defined in the beginning as 2s following distance, the situation changes dramatically. Assume that all drivers around you are sensible and responsible and well trained they give you more than sufficient space and driving conditions are perfect. There is nothing in such a case to stop you driving with the speed just below the speed limit. In other words, if it is safe, you can drive fast, and you are not allowed if not safe.

Further analysis let you to discover that in order to drive safe requires you to think. Not many drivers want to wish. But driving is not so complex that even simple driver cannot learn to drive safe. If you start with keeping not speed but distance, you are already say half way towards safe driving.

If you are however keeping constant speed, you are already driving dangerously.

Is it possible to drive keeping a constant distance when almost all drivers tailgate that is drive dangerously and without thinking?

Actually it was tried over a long time period and it is in fact possible to a large extent even when government is supporting dangerous driving.

If you want to start safer driving, surely you practice the evaluation of the distance. Typically a car is 4-5m long. Because the government is not cooperative, it is hard but you can aim to do at least 1s distance because it is certain that the others will cut in front of you and reduce the distance. Well even if you try not to drive any less than 15m which is say 3 or more car lengths than you may succeed. First of all, try to start from red light when turn green slowly, and allow the car in front to increase the distance gradually. Those behind you may be surprised at first but they soon realize what you are up to. You simply increase your speed gradually up to limit if safe and keep the distance at same time. If the driver behind you is a lazy thinker like most drivers, one will realize that you have reached the speed, and that you keep the distance in front. Take it as sure, as tested, some 80% of drivers very fast realize that you are a safe driver and keep the distance no matter what. Most of them will give you similar if not greater than 2s space. (some actually keep 3-4s and continue behind you even when two other lanes are free for them to go their way).

Some will try to bully you, and they are mainly women and particularly young ones. Some of them will realize soon that your code of driving is constant distance and they change lane and go. Most however will very soon realize and take your example. (very well tested on all roads and over a long time period). Some drivers will bully you, will flick the lights, sound the horns, wave their hands, shout and even abuse you. They have no clue what you are doing nor what they are doing. They simply refuse to think but resort to a show of power – anger. Women drivers are the worst. Some only of those stubborn female drivers, realize and change lane but most will be violent and they are ready to kill anyone on the road because they are upset on the safe driver in front of them whom they do not understand. Yes, it was seen number of times that such a female drivers nearly caused crash. But… it only proves the point I am raising. Such a female drivers do drive extremely dangerously. Even if a young male is similarly aggressive driver, it is much less likely to crash in such a situation.

Let me reinforce the message. Absolutely most drivers who discover your safe driving method, they do have plenty of opportunity to change lane and drive their way, but they often leave you 3s distance and follow you for many kilometers. They discover that you drive not only keeping safe distance, but you make driving a very comfortable. You do not use the break so often making them nervous, you simply accommodate the temporary slowing in front of you due to someone up front turning R or you seeing such a situation give indicator of changing lane. Those behind you follow you safely and freely without a need to wait until bus serve all the passengers at the stop or someone turn R. You do not have to wait for that and speed later to catch up lost time. You cruise fluently observing the situation and give indication, change lane and do not hold traffic behind you unnecessarily. Those behind you learn that they arrive to a destination (say city) ahead of those tailgators and speeding and dangerous drivers without creating danger or tense situation.

Do not worry about those few who are aggressive anyway. They will be no matter what. When government would train all drivers adequately, they would also learn how to drive efficiently and fast without speeding and tailgating.

Please note. If someone suddenly appears like a rocket very closely behind you. You only use break if there is large enough distance, otherwise they may not have time to react or perceive it as your attack on them. Just ease your foot from an accelerator and your car will slowly slow down. If they continue to attack you, you stick to the constant distance idea and you cannot possibly be wrong even if uneducated police officer will tell you otherwise. If you continue slowing, the aggressive driver behind you may or may not be angry and may or may not realize that you keep constant that is safe distance and they will choose either to change lane or follow you not according to their rule of constant speed but according to your rule of constant distance. It is about 50% of such a rocket drivers do realize and keep the distance and the other 50% change lane. In both cases it is a victory. Some rocket drivers and almost always women will harass you constantly. They leave you 2-3m extra space on top of 2-3m they were. You should response to them giving you allowances. Rarely women learn but occasionally they do, that if they give you some space, you increase your speed. But absolutely majority of women if they give you say 5m allowance, they in no time steal it back at the first opportunity they see that you actually increase the speed. No doubt, they are very dangerous driver who fail to think and are chronically under trained.

This increase of speed along with their giving you allowances in distance, actually does work and there are other than stubborn and not thinking lady drivers, who actually learn in no time and the rest is safe for all.

Smooth traffic flow.

Hopefully you have realized above that with a constant distance and observing a common sense rules, you not only drive safer but also less halt traffic.

Rational vs irrational driving.

No it is pointless to ask you if you want to drive behind an irrational driver or irrational driver to follow you. Think about your own rationality. Do you think rationally when you are under a stress? Under a severe and constant stress? Off course not. When you follow someone close and allow someone to follow you very close, you only invite everyone around you to drive irrationally. You must be under a constant tension to focus not on safe driving but on the red light of the one in front. You have not much time and just react in panic when you see the stop light of the car in front. You are under constant tension. Your view of the road is also limited, due to geometry. The car in front of you occupy a large portion of the total view in front. If you however keep distance, your view is of all road situation on all lanes and you have some spare time to react if you see stop light in front. You can use a break or even change the lane. All depend if you allow the safe distance.

Same apply to the one behind you. If you allow one to sit on your tail, you have no idea on the road situation behind you. You have less if at all idea if you can change lane if you have to, in case someone in front suddenly stops.

Regardless if government or other drivers are rational or not, you can and you can positively influence others. No rational driver even if not trained will be mad on you. Even if some will be, you guarantee safety to you and other road users.

The government deliberately make traffic lights favoring the revenue raising not safe and smooth driving. As result most drivers do rush to avoid red light fine and this rush continues to the end of the journey.

Mob culture driving.

The mob pressure is great. When the lady driver or any driver behind you beeps at you, bully you otherwise, your children or other passengers give you a free lecture on how to drive “properly” it is uneasy to drive safely and rationally. You have two choices, to drive as the mob drives, than the government and your passengers will be happy…. stop, up to the point of crash. Then everyone say an old lie: unfortunate accident…

No by driving according to the rule of mob and government push, you will not avoid the bullies and aggressive drivers. There are always such that any speed you drive is far too slow and your driving is far inadequate. You will always upset some.

On the other hand if you drive safely as already explained, you may upset some even police, but you drive safe and surely some drivers will be glad to cruise behind you.

In the hills where the visibility behind the curve is zero, they drive like a murderers and they expect you. Such driving is real pain and extremely dangerous. Government does not care about such nor any other dangerous driving. They only care for their own position and revenue.

Safe or fast driving.

So many have wrong impression that safe does mean slow and fast is not so dangerous but efficient. It is a fallacy. Safe does not have to be slow and is definitely the most efficient driving.

Personally I do not advocate a slow driving nor support the government irrational push into mandatory fast driving. Speeding tickets is definitely only revenue raising and has nothing to do with safety. Speeding is only one and relatively small factor towards creating danger. Tailgating is a complex behavior already involving a number of factors contributing to dangerous driving.

We all are in a hurry from time to time and it is frustrating when someone is so slow for no reason we think. It is still very irrational to tailgate in order to tell one in front to give you way.

The one in front either have a good reason for slower driving or is not capable (not trained properly). Your tailgating makes nothing to help one to drive faster or to find the place but you definitely create danger and more nervous situations for everyone.

More often than not, you drive bad. You concentrate on someone’s rather than own driving. You often miss the perfect opportunity to overtake. You are creating danger actively despite if the driver in front is good or bad driver, has good reason to drive slower or not.

Like in life beyond the car, you use courtesy and common sense to solve any issues rather than force. You can give a gentle beep or one blink with lights. If it does not work, you only frustrate one in front and yourself and it is counter productive. It is not rational to pursue tailgating.

Are you extremely upset when an old bus or the lorry is going slow uphill? Sensible people just wait for an opportunity to overtake safely without harassing anyone or getting frustrated. Why would you behave differently when car is slower in front?

Or perhaps you are a problem yourself? Are you in a hurry all the time? Are you pushing one in front of you beyond the speed limit?

Think about serious tailgators, for them there is no speed fast enough. Can you accept people as they are?

In front of you can be an old driver not capable to concentrate sufficiently for a faster speed. They have license. If you do not like it, lobby the government not to allow your grand parents a license.

Safe driver can drive faster safer but chronically fast driver cannot usually drive safely. 

Did you think that someone can feel bad and cannot concentrate or is going to a doctor or something tragic happened and one is not capable to drive faster. Do not make their life any harder.

Do not tailgate!

Your personal maturity and responsibility.

If you consider yourself a mature person, you will take responsibility for your own actions regardless of others action like the government.

Think about this. It is your decision to create the road danger or safer. If it happen that you kill or injure someone will you as mature person have an excuse: they pushed me; everybody drives like that; I’m not responsible for what happens behind me…

It’s naive, childish and irresponsible.

Weather you like it or not, more and more people use the dashboard camera or dv recorder and they record the incidents and crashes. It is becoming part of the modern life. You can buy such an instrument and have for your own protection or you can note the registration and circumstances and report yourself to police about the bad driver. No, they will not punish one on your report alone.  But when number of such reports come on same bad driver, it is taken into consideration.


While we all can practice safe driving, we can and should demand our political servants (public servants) to serve us the way it is beneficial to us not to them. We want safe roads. Not mentioned in main discussion, tailgating is extremely dangerous to bicyclists and invalids on scooters as well as children and pedestrians. Let us demand tailgating to become the major road crime and demand a comprehensive driver training. So many people ring to talk back radio and demand a real high level driver training. It makes sense.

You have only two choices:

  1. To drive dangerously with the mob rules

  2. to drive safely, consciously, rationally and safely

Tailgating is a 100% a dangerous act.

Constant speed as mob and rulers impose, is nothing less than creating a danger.

Constant distance is nothing less than improving safety dramatically.

It is your choice.

Yes, report particularly dangerous drivers but do not argue, do not teach them on the road, nor behave as they force you to. Go to your political servant, so called MP or the relevant minister and demand safe roads. Remind them that you gave them power and authority to organize safe roads. Do not enter their ignorant and irrational arguments. Do not get their assurance that they are serious or dedicated. Go with demand of safer roads and rules.

There are number of other important issues not covered in this paper. They include driving techniques, other road users, priority to more vulnerable on the road, drug and alcohol, age, testing for driver ability, medical tests, dealing with dangerous drivers, traffic lights and traffic management, car performance and driver training and many more.


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