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Baloons are important, road safety is not in Adelaide   Leave a comment

DSCF7988For years the South Australian government allowed the baloons to be moved over the bicycle path and onto the road itself. Government ignore all reports and allow this dangerous practice to continue.
Baloon madness

Obsessed business management goes with business on the street, creating third world bazar.  Because we in South Australia have no government which care for law and order, we do have disorder.

This problem exist in that particular spot for years. It is a major road, North East rd.  Does it mean that no police officer, no minister or any politician, no transport department nor even a single scientist drive there and observed it at any time? It is impossible. Or perhaps they do not understand  that this is potential serious road danger? Possible but not likely. Lately one of the transport dept. officer have expressed his views that it is dangerous upon viewing the photos.  Two possibilities remain viable. That government does not care at all about road safety, and second that they deliberately allow danger.

In that case I favor the idea that government does not care about road safety at all. With this goes well the fact that Premier Mike Rann nor any other minister nor any official cared to reply or to stop this problem.

I cannot imagine that if the Premier’s office rang this business, the practice to continue. Or that Rann’s office contacted police department to instruct them that police duty is to not tax innocent speeding drivers but to fine heavily the business operators who can afford to pay more and are creating an obvious danger.


Mr Premier,     (20/06/09)

Please find the attached document as a souvenir of your achievement in government.

Call yourself a responsible.

Road safety campaigner

~~~~ attached document

Baloon madness takes priority over road safety in SA


What our government have in common with common sense? Not much as can be seen on the photos

Anarchy characterise with no effective government management. While it is true in SA about government is general, the road safety is very clear example of it. The business people do what they want without any regard to road safety. Police everyday drive there and they do not care. It is well known that police cannot be too intelligent, and is it also known that they do not have adequate road safety knowledge, nor pro safety attitude. They cannot see what is happening almost every day.

It is natural that business may be pushing the boundaries in advertisement but in this case the electrical overhead wires seem to be the limit and sideways the road itself. All we need is government asking: how many people were killed by this?

If this question is wise than imagine thousands of speeding motorists may ask same question. Will government accept it as an excuse?

So clearly government is not interested in road safety but in imposing own agenda.

Sensible people also have baloons but they are secured by 5cm string, why SA Lounges have often over a metre and on the kerb where wind blows in the face of any driver and very dramatically in the face of cyclists or motor cyclists. Cyclist wanting to avoid it, may turn into middle lane and get hit by an incoming car. This is not important, as long as SA Lounges advertise… what they advertise? Ah, baloons.

Police travel there every day, politicians do travel and cannot see that, “wise” scientists conducting research on factors contributing to road danger and they cannot see it. If however tragedy happen, the official on media with sad face declare: it is unfortunate accident… oh we have to do something about… perhaps we should talk to the shop owner is he/she thinks it is too dangerous? And motorists, be careful of the baloons when you drive.

Scientists come up with brilliant solution – baloon detection and warning device, it costs only…. and business goes on and everybody is happy thereafter.

There is one explanation why most people would not bother to report this problem. Anyone who saw it, ring… police, whom else? Police is to make sure that road safety rules and regulations are being enforced. But when police tell you that they are not interested and that it is your problem. If police officer is intelligent and polite one may tell you ring council because it is council’s problem. When you ring council, they treat you as you just came from another planet. If you insist, after half an hour and lots of phone calls, you are talking to somebody who is “responsible” for this problem. One promise you to investigate and fix this problem or simply to talk to the shop owner if you know the exact address, the phone number and the manager’s name. Even if the council employee talk to the management, then the story repeats over and over starting with baloons and you ringing the council again.

So in practice if you once decide to ring police and then council and have stupid talk with them for more than half an hour and the end result was as to start with, then you will never ever ring them no matter what.

It points only to conclusion that government have business in keeping roads unsafe.

Road safety campaigner


Over well than a year, I’ve reported to numerous offices including police and ministry, and nothing has caused them to stop this dangerous practice.

The government would surely acted if it brought them more revenue.  So the government does not care about society, about law and order but about our money.

All that can be described simply as a wide spread corruption. All mentioned and implied offices do consume large amounts of public money and they ensure no safety nor to take public reports seriously.  Clear corruption.


Update to the saga.   24/10/09

The government deliberately allow problems to flourish.  I do not intend to say why, but that it actually happens.

1. For years I reported to the government about this particular problem with result as I would not reported at all.

2. Last week I’ve contacted an officer responsible for road safety at Transport Department and showed him the photos. He commented that it is clear that the business creates potential problem and that police is definitely responsible for that, not department.

3. I let know the university head of road safety research team about the problem. No reaction.

4. I contacted Holden Hill police station. The female officer have contacted me assuring that business manager shorten the balloon thread and hopefully no more problems will be at that spot.

5. Last Friday going by, I spotted the baloon madness continues. Tried to contact HH police station. Did not managed because nobody answered the phone. Contacted police intelligence, they refused to take it on because it is not their business. Contacted 131444 police call centre, and an officer declared that he will not sent police there.  He referred me to the local council. I contacted council which refused to take any action because it is not their jurisdiction but of the Transport Department. I remind that department refuse to take any action because it is police matter.  Well, nobody assume responsibility for that.

The Premier Mike Rann, ministers, researchers, police and transport department also media are not interested in restoring an order, all are happy to see disorder.  I have not found any politician interested in law and order, in road safety.

This is an open and wide spread corruption.


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What minister says and does   Leave a comment

Our SA minister for transport have proudly announced on local radio that he have achieved significant improvement in traffic management. The traffic lights are already set in such a way that drivers will hardly ever stop on read lights. It will be free traffic flow from now.

Having experience with government that things are usually opposite to what they declare I immediately started to pay more attention on our local main road, the North East Rd at Modbury. My personal impression was that minister lie. My impression was that it is exactly opposite to what he said. That eventually traffic lights get worse rather than better. Not lightly I form such important opinion.

Today 1/10/09 I’ve sacrificed some time to see if I am wrong and unreasonably biased against minister or government. Please make your own judgment on the figures below from a test.

The test on the stretch of 700m with 4 sets of traffic lights, 2 of which are to/from TTP shopping centre. The test was only for cars driving on NE rd from St Agnes direction towards city. The test was also done for cars which stopped at traffic lights set number zero, (T with Golden Grove rd) and noted on how many if any traffic lights they would be stopped by lights. Due to terrain it was impossible to view all 4 sets so only 3 were observed. Test conducted for 10 cycles starting at 10:49.

1. cars stopped at 1st lights
2. cars stopped at 1st lights
3. cars stopped at 2nd lights
4. cars did not stopped on 1st nor second
5. cars stopped at 2nd lights
6. cars stopped at 1st and 2nd lights
7. cars stopped at 1st lights
8. cars stopped at 1st and 2nd lights
9. cars stopped at 1st and 2nd lights
10. cars stopped at 1st lights

Driving there as a local, I must state as it is. Almost always the 3 set of lights stops cars. It is NE + Reservoir Rd. I estimate it stops 95% of trips I make. So the statistic above is incomplete and shows only the 500m or less and does not show almost certain stop at 3rd set of lights. It is also true that extremely rarely no lights stop me on entire route of 700m.

Another phenomenon is very clear at those lights that they often and in particular at night or at weekends the green phase is so short that no single car is allowed to cross the intersection from stop on green lights entirely. The green is so short that you cross when red is on. Just one car, not 21.

The mismanagement and free traffic flow and truthfulness of the minister are obvious, but there are some more aspects of this issue to be mentioned.

The frequent start and stop forces drivers to use more petrol, more oil and wear car. All increases tax and government revenue. Unfortunately it frustrate drivers which get more sick and make more problems. It is inevitable.

Some try to be smarter and sometimes it works. If they accelerate very hard and speed on those lights with no camera, they achieve free flow but at expense as just explained. So the government promote speeding and hard acceleration. All dangerous, expensive and anti environmental.

Another test was just conducted from point of view of an average driver.  I did the note of how many times I had to stop driving from St Agnes towards the city at this stretch of 700m.  Stop 0 (zero) is the T of NE with GG Rd. Test conducted as happen over the period of 2 weeks.

stopped at lights Nos:

  1. 1,2
  2. 3
  3. 0,1
  4. 0,1
  5. 0,2
  6. 0,3
  7. 0,1
  8. 3
  9. 0,1
  10. 2

Not once I could go through this time without stopping at all at those 4 sets of lights.

The senior specialists at Transport Dept in Adelaide commented that this is not purpously but by accident the lights operate that way. I replied that it is against simple statistic, so it’s wrong excuse.  If the incident of stopping was 50% or less it could be a valid excuse, if it is almost every time they stop you, it is a deliberate act.

It makes it worse in light of minister’s lie in media that they made an effort that hardly ever lights will stop you because they are synchronized.  In a bigger picture, the ministers and government do nothing for the society’s benefit and almost always against and what they say is an opposite to what they do.

Now let me bring one more real dilemma to be solved.

Assuming that carbon tax will be implemented. Who will pay it just for the portion of unnecessary and forcibly increased fuel usage? The victimised drivers or the government?
Government cause that, therefore drivers must pay.

Everything is ok, nobody will complain, that’s why government does what one please.

Who said that Modbury is the only area in Australia that such anti-social practice is in place?

Road safety campaigner