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A week ago, I’ve emailed to both of you shadow ministers the short report of road lawlessness and a few examples of the dangerous drivers, you have failed to thank me, to offer your dedication to improve the road safety or even to take action against labor government.

Today I sent you a few more examples of bad drivers and wait for your response or lack of.

My opinion is that these days there is virtually no driving training and that there is a huge disparity between car’s power and drivers brain power. (true in general).

Regarding road safety, the labors have done absolutely nothing other than ensuring that wrong doers are protected. They have no policy on ensuring safe road use. They do not plan to make safer roads. They came to the office only to stay at the office and waste public money. They do nothing to represent the society, they ignore us.

Now, you are liberals, you so far did absolutely nothing to prevent the labor government to continue this lawlessness, you fail to represent society, you also have no policy nor plans to have one and you are right now ignoring public demand to stop lawlessness.

I have not published previous message to you nor your failure to respond, I will do after this message. My point is that road safety cannot be implemented successfully while there is a wide spread and deep corruption in government system. Police must be accountable so must be politicians.

My estimate is that if anyone at power dismantle and rebuild everything regarding road safety and traffic, than perhaps with less than a quarter of current budget, the road would be much safer than at present.

Can you understand at all what I report to you???
If you do what society demand – a proper comprehensive driver training on college level, many months (3) full time and cost a few thousands dollars, people would have immediately much better driving skills. Policing must also match. Police must also get much better training and must stop ignoring road lawlessness. Rotten courts must be the last resourt. Police must have enough expertise to make a common day to day judgement on the roads. Insurance must not be part of solution but police. Rules must be redone, the current ones are near to useless. Idiots created them and idiots approved them and we have road lawlessness.
As a last example I give you this time is the very basics which is a must but never ever was even considered by idiot legislators.

Roads must be used to benefit society not to kill and injure or traumatize us. therefore we must categorise road users into shades of vulnerability generally based on mass and speed.
Children are the most vulnerable road users. (no discussion here please).
All pedestrians are most vulnerable road users.
Somewhat less but very vulnerable road users are bicyclists and invalid scooters.
Motorcycle and passenger cars are less vulnerable. (here a debate is needed on the mass and speed of bikes and cars versus mass and speed of big delivery trucks).
Least vulnerable are trucks and heavy machinery.

The categories could be just a 4 basic ones or more than 12 if you wish. Nevertheless there must be a proper open debate involving public on this issue and it must be a very important part of road rules and judgment.

For example for a motorist important and non debatable must be a fact that a child is the most vulnerable road user and this is a fact non negotiable non debatable. It is up to parents and other mechanism to judge if a child should be alone on the road. But from motorist point of view, they must be expected on the road. Lets say for unforeseen reasons a child 2yo took off and fast entered the road from the hands of parent who did …. in mean time. It was 2-3 s and this is not a reason nor excuse that motorist can kill that child, regardless if parent was negligent or not.

Killing a cyclist or pedestrian in the hills or wherever, is not an automatic accident. “I have not seen one” is not an excuse at all. If it is dark or there was a road bent is not an excuse at all. You adjust your speed to visibility and ability to avoid crash. The fact that “everyone” drives that way, is not an excuse at all.

Along with those caregories of vulnerability, another rules must be legislated a novelty in Australia but used in Europe, a safe speed rule. You can find the idea of safe speed or can ask. In the examples above the drivers were not used safe speed. It is idiot excuse: I’ve been driving within speed limit therefore I am not guilty of killing or injuring…. The only situation of driving fast and not expecting pedestrians would be a freeway. There you may drive fast but not without any restrictions. You can still encounter a bicyclist, or a slow driver (50mh) in heavy rain or fog or any other situation.

If you as a shadow ministers not start to criticize the labor government, I start to criticize you.

Road safety campaigner


Good evening,

Please find details in attachments, of today’s driving and road lawlessness.

Literally it is very scary to drive sensibly because the aggressive criminals will hurt you or abuse. When the criminal behavior on the road is a norm, the properly driving driver is a nut and they are ready to deal with such.

It is expected that tomorrow driving will bring more examples for you. No, today it is not a comprehensive list of bad drivers, this is what was reasonably to report.

If you two shadow ministers see nothing wrong in current situation and what I report to you, than it is a serious problem.

The common practice is that minister or shadow have not much idea about the portfolio one was given. It is not the biggest problem, the biggest problem is your willingness to get to the bottom of the problem and willingness to solve it.

Take another look. Is it because or despite of speed cameras, overall more than ever drivers do speed and speed very much?
None of that. Speed cameras have nothing to do with road safety at all. It is all taking people’s money.
On more general note, the government is not interested in road safety.
Are you?

Road safety campaigner


Posted August 7, 2011 by mmistrz

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