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Last revised 28/5/11

Government criminals do almost everything against society. Observing their activity reveals that they are not interested in acting for the benefit of society. They only do for their own benefit. How to discern if it is just another opinion or fact?
Government with it’s departments have no logical and fully functional plan for anything. Here for safe driving.
On example of small episode. Once police officer have paid me a visit to my home. He asked me if I was taking photos while driving. He also advised me not to pay any attention on what drivers do behind me no matter how close they are. He also advised me to drive on the road side and only continue when no one is on the road.
It sounds childish but that’s how police and all public servants operate They talk nonsense, simply because they do not know the rules, they talk the rubbish because the rules are nonsense as explained on page Hoon rules, they talk rubbish because there is no proper road safety management in Australia.
No official take up the debate on the road safety issues. They lose every time. It would reveal that they do not work to ensure safety but to raise revenue. The mentioned policeman who asked me if I photographed other drivers, when I asked him if the police would be interested in photos or video evidence of an aggressive and dangerous drivers. He answered no. Police is not interested. I know this because number of times I tried to call a police call centre in Adelaide 131 444 and the officers behaved not very rationally and often they refuse to take the report of what happened.

Let me bring the situation on the road when I rode today (Saturday) to the church in the morning. I spotted a car driving towards my tail with a bullet speed. I slowed down and he got upset. He fast overtook me without any regard to safety and other road users. He immediately stopped using breaks very hard. It is to punish me of non conformance.
Why do you think he reacted that way?
Most likely he used to terrorise or bully all drivers into submission and speed up so he can continue driving fast. Well he drove with speeds exceeding 85kmh in 60 zone and changing lanes without any regard to safety.
Why he drove that way? Because he knows that police will do nothing to stop him doing it. Police as I have explained is not interested in safety therefore police will not take if I choose to ring them.
This is the case no matter what happens on the road.

What if I or you purchase the dashboard video recorder camera DVR and film such incident? You can do it and keep it. Police is not interested in it.
How would you deliver it to police? No you cannot email using a phone. Police does not provide you an email address so you can attach the file. You cannot drop it to the police station on the memory stick as many police do not know how to use it and are not interested nor permitted to take such an evidence. Simply the system is not geared up to get your input and they do not get theirs. They are only interested in your money even when it is a form of theft. When the globe in your car blows they force you to pay $120 fine without warning. What will happen when you have a video evidence of police officer tailgating or cutting in front?
No you cannot fine them. The rules rule and the mob must be complacent.

When an organisation does not have a fair policy, lie that it is for our benefit but it is purely for their benefit and force you to pay even when it has nothing to do with safety. It is theft or robbery. They are criminals. Well they are not accountable, they themselves do break the rules. They refer to non existing research of university and at same time refuse to accept the real research I offered them. This cannot mean that they are interested in our safety.

If you study the rules real well and understand the driving dynamics, you soon realise that it is impossible to drive safely and properly in Adelaide suburbs. You will be offended, bullied, intimidated, and otherwise violated. All bad drivers take your space and force you in dangerous situation.
No, I do not blame any driver like that. I do blame the government which actually developed this situation just to have an easy means to collect our money and any pretence.

The analysis could take lots of space on many aspects. I bring just one extra example. The rules say that you have to drive within the speed limit.
Logically and sensibly you must not reach the speed limit. The specific word does mean that it is an absolute maximum speed. Only idiot would pretend that our drivers do drive at speeds below the limit. Almost all drivers exceed that. Let me remind, I do not blame any driver at all but the government for that.
The government actually encourage and expect people to drive faster rather than safely and smoothly. We in Australia have no proper driver training. One can drive relatively safely at speeds even above the limit and others are purely unable due to age or other reasons. This makes a conflict. The rules made by hoons also encourage or even demand to drive fast. Making it short, the government have created the culture of fast driving. It is a milking cow for government.

See the page “hoons rules” where I analyze and object to many road rules and discover yourself that the rules have nothing to do with safety. Well some safety is a minor effect of the rules but main goal is to rule the mob, to milk the cow.

This can only happen when we the society have no control over them. As your son when you have no control over him, will likely turn wild and eventually threaten you, same is with government. We have to have an effective control over them. Just look at the amount of my effort and serious accusation of the government, and all the evidence. They ignore this and I should consider myself lucky that they do not harm me for that. Responsible government would not allow road lawlessness, nor to ignore a serious accusations.

Last revised 25/5/11

Rann government determined to keep road lawlessness decided to rob innocent drivers of money. As all criminals they have no regard to justice, to the fairness to safety, to society. They only care for self.

Upon reading the newspaper article just think of a situation where you stop and before the police officer’s eyes the stop lamp bulb decide to stop operating. Police will have no choice but rob you of your money. What? Fine? for what? for bulb deciding to blow when you do not know? Common sense tell you that punishment make some sense when you make a wrong decision. What was your bad decision in that case?
I think it is a waste of time to analyze it any further. The Rann mafia take our money only because they have brutal power to do so. They lie when they say it is for your and others safety. Only idiot can say it and another idiot to accept it.
On my website there are plenty of situations describing government deliberate lawlessness.

As a road safety campaigner I know lots of situations and problems. I say that it is absolutely pointless to say anything against the bad drivers for as long as mafia rule the state and country. It will continue and become much worse until the government criminals are charged for crime against society and new politicians take real responsibility for their own decisions. This does mean that society must have a direct control over the leaders.

Look at the pages like Hoons rule, corruption at the top, licence to kill, government against society and other. There are presented facts and opinions as well as solutions.

If you have an impression that this post is just against any fine, your are wrong. As pointed on example of blown bulb, the revenue raising has no connection with logic nor safety. You cannot fine police officer when bulb decide to blow. There are no bulbs that do not blow. And if they are, they are not clearly legal yet I mean LED. But whatever you install, you must have a sensible mechanism to monitor them and to have a reasonable time to fix it. Even LED bulbs do fail to operate for number of reasons.

You can report the dangerous driver to police and nothing will happen. You can have a witness to it and again police will do nothing. You can have a video evidence from the dashboard video recorder DVR and police will do nothing against offending driver. You can have a video evidence against police officer driving offensively and police… oh, nobody can do anything.

As one responder commented on the newspaper news the police do what they want. They can fine you for a good tires and it is their opinion and nobody else. The new rules coming in force on 1st July 11 are extra rules for lawlessness.


Posted May 25, 2011 by mmistrz

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