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The RAA website (link above) suggests that this organisation is dedicated to road safety. It is however not true.  My numerous attempts to make RAA stand against dangerous practices and rules of government have always failed. My recent multiple invitations for RAA to cooperate to improve safety on our roads were declined or ignored. I have mentioned the key problem issues like government corruption, like problem with road rules, problem with policing that is with assessing the actual situation and my own research. Again RAA everytime decline or ignore such invitation.

RAA ignores my calls that government and police refuse to take reports on dangerous drivers or practices. http://systemcorruption.wordpress.com/about/corrupt-universities/


There is no other conclusion than RAA conspiring with government in maintaining our roads very dangerous.  http://systemcorruption.wordpress.com/2010/08/25/raa-another-invitation-to-cooperate-to-improve-road-safety/


There is time for society to get up independently and do what is right. I have done one research, first in Australia and perhaps in the world on tailgating https://roadsafetyunofficial.wordpress.com/my-research-on-tailgating/ so this can be continued by anyone even by school students. On the other hand we should name and ashame the government and associations like RAA. We should also make them personally responsible for the tragedies they cause or at least allow. Let me remind the readers, the courts or legal system has absolutely nothing to do with public safety, with truth or justice. This is just a legal system, no wise person will ever rely on them to solve social problems, they are not to solve but maintain social problems.

What we can do?

To organise ourselves into interest and action groups and identify the problems as I do, analyze them to check if someone made any error of opinion  and to spread the idea of what is and what is good or bad. Than to demand government to stop dangerous rules and practices and corruption, to ashame the RAA and other offices or organisations.

Please note that if you have average meaning poor knowledge of the problems and are interested in improving road safety,  you may  not understand my action in full. However it is clear that any professional or organisation which is truly dedicated to road safety, will not ignore the reports of corruption and anti safety, will not ignore invitation for cooperation. Well if any unaware decent person hear that one in a hundred drivers drives dangerously, one may either say, it is not so bad or actually it is too high proportion. But if the report shows that one in a hundred drivers actually drives properly, it is extremely serious matter. It is irrational to have any opinion or beliefs in such serious matter. It is wise to actually investigate. No, I do not direct it to a casual reader, I direct it to the “specialists” like ministers, Mike Rann, to Road Transport Department, to Police, to Universitities which consume lots of public money on research but fail to do so, and to organisations like AMA and RAA which claim to be dedicated on improving road safety.  Ignoring research and reports is not rational nor pro safety, it is against safety and conspiracy to maintain dangerous roads.

Road safety campaigner


Posted November 2, 2010 by mmistrz

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