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Does it mean that the phone does not work unless you are mobile? Observing people addicted to this little gizmo it seems to be the case.

The lady driver of this white old mercedes think she is capable of driving and phoning at this same time. She underestimate her capabilities as she can also kill or injure someone on the road at this same time. For some reason women use more mobile phones while driving, they do make up and much more. Weather it is related or not the women are much worse drivers than man. They are very agrressive and camikadze or suicidal type drivers. They persue  their prey they tailgate that typical male driver hardly ever does. The women are making very extreme manouvers. Regardless of gender, the use of phone and driving is extremely dangerous and irresponsible. Often when a car in front drives in S shape route or like a drunken person, often this is caused by using phone. Why drivers behave in such a stupid way? The answer is simple. Most people are irrational in many aspects of life. Driving without a phone is dangerous enough and if a driver does not realise that, adding mobile phone and a bowl of breakfast cereal on the laps makes no difference to one.  There are two major reasons of having such problems wide spread. First is the fact that there is no adequate driver training in South Australia. Such a training would train all aspects of driving theoretically and practically and reinforced the message of safe driving. Second reason is that there is no adequate punishment.  People are not afraid at all to act dangerously and in stupid way.

I am also a keen cyclist and defend our right to cycle on footpath. In principle I am definitely sure banning cyclists from the footpath is very wrong. Not wearing helmet is also an invasion of privacy. What I saw lately, alter my views somewhat. A young rider perhaps in his 20s, riding in undersized bicycle on footpath, at the sunset, dark clothes, no helmet and he was sending text message on his mobile.  In such a case I would vote to jail one instantly.

Often I saw young man texting while driving a car. All that is because they know nobody will stop them. No matter if someone report them, the system is set the way that when public reports such an incident it does not count at all in case of prosecution.  I suggest that the traffic cameras also take images of the phoning and texting drivers like the one on the photos here.

So far the politicians work hard to keep their status – professional liars.


Posted February 14, 2010 by mmistrz

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