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The story behind this photo is very typical in Adelaide.  The driver in the navy hatch in front right tailgate everyone habitually up to even less than 1m.  And one is speeding on average 10-15kmh over the speed limit. Often one does not give adequate indication and makes very rapid manouvers that is rapid lane change. One as nobody is perfect and can and makes mistakes. Others also make  mistakes. This driver leaves no room for error margin. In fact this is a negative room.  Please realise that when specialists world wide accept that 2s of following distance is a minimum reasonable distance which does not guarantee but make it just possible to stop to avoid collision. This translate to about 36m distance at 60kmh. This driver on the photo have mastered 1-2m distance. It is 36 times less than specialists recommend as a minimum. Is this driver wrong or specialists?

You quickly stop to be surprised when you realise that top police officers working in the office of police commissioner Mal Hyde, they not only say that they refuse to obey the 2s rule but also that 200mm following distance on freeway is ok. One such officer told me by phone. Is it a joke? Not at all in light that police refuse to enforce the 2s rule.

Who gave license to this and thousands of similar drivers a license and on what basis? Mike Rann on basis of money. The more drivers drive the more money his government receives. The more drivers drive badly the more police has chances to raise their revenue.  This driver forces others to submit to his reign.  The driver of white car tailgated on photo was so traumatised that one had to change lane to left soon after photo was taken. This tailgator also cut in front of me just over a meter. He did it all the way on Grand Junction rd Sunday 14th February 2010 at 9:56 am.  This and many other drivers camikadze like they behave like they had inherent right to do that and all others are wrong.

Many other drivers with L or P plate they behave at least as kings and the way they understand is the only way and all must conform.  One such teenager with L plate and his mum as an instructor have created the huge rage shouting at me while I was riding my bicycle beacuse he reserve himself a right to get priority. He does not care to wait until round about is free, he must move when he wishes. His instrutor mum had nothing to say. He was outraged.  His scream was heard through entire suburb. His blood and brain were at boiling point.

Well, the car licensee do behave like they have right or that there is unwritten law : the bigger, heavier and faster the more rights.

Police and Rann government enforces this message constantly. There are so many situations which are wrong by the rules, wrong according to common practice and the fact that the drivers have no adequate training.

The recent raise in road fatalities in SA only proves that Rann gives licences to kill and traumatise.

When you see such incident and want to report to police, you soon learn not to do it because the 131 444 call centre are often busy and refuse to take the report, they may take but talk to you stupid in general and show lack of understanding of rules.  If you ring to your local police station they ask you to come spend up to an hour in a cue to be heard. In either case nobody under Rann kingship will cause the review of the drivers ability and motiffs of driving dangerously. You learn quickly not to waste your time in reporting. That’s how most drivers are not afraid to drive dangerous way. Police also routinely tailgate. It is very serious negligence of Mike Rann and it is also an open corruption.


Posted February 14, 2010 by mmistrz

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  1. This behaviour is out of control and unacceptable.

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