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road shoulder is so big and potentially very dangerous to cyclist

extremely deep hole in road shoulder is extremely dangerous to cyclists

If government simply overlooked the cyclists safety, they would immediately corrected their policy and practices when reminded. Unfortunately, government is determined to maintain the status quo that is extreme danger and inconvenience to cyclists. This is the case in about all aspects of cycling and government so called management. Road infrastructure, road rules, policing, training and deterrent are all set against cyclists.

Australian Government never had any sensible policy on cycling or even on road safety! Road rules and expert claims are only a lies and irrational claims. They simply have no idea what they say. All is set up against cyclists and also against any road user.

Police, ministers, any relevant officer declare including the road rules: cyclists must obey same road rules as cars.

It is nonsense and irrational claim. There are no comprehensive rules specifying about all aspects of cycling in all situations. (there are no such comprehensive rules for cars too  but this is different issue).  Police and rules claim and demand that cyclist ride on lanes marked in specific directions. It is insane, as it is physically impossible. Number of bicycle lanes simply vanish before the intersection or they end up on the footpath.  Cycling on footpath is forbidden. Number of roads are marked leaving huge space near the kerb but later they become a turn left lane. The only legal way to cycle is to cycle on the lane with arrows going ahead which is near the right side of the road. Ok, when you cycle legally, all the car drivers behind you for a considerable distance, will abuse you, and even hit you or punch you. By doing it, you put yourself in the greatest danger possibly only to satisfy irrational government. But when you do not do it, police can and does issue fine for cyclists. Does it mean that they want to kill you or simply drive you out of cycling? Definitely yes, they do. Large number of such places and situations are created by insane government. In essence they disallow you to ride safely and sensibly, but force you to ride in the most dangerous situation and at this same time to frustrate car drivers. All for no reason.

practical near kerb - prescribed space for cyclists

Irresponsible and irrational officials state in road rules that cyclists must ride near the kerb.  Government is absolutely unmoved by complaints and refuse to repair the road.  If you drive far away from the kerb, you risk to upset irrational police which gives you fine but also you risk to upset ever hurry car drivers who can hit you. You are stuck then either to cycle safely and risk to be hit or simply do not cycle.

local council while upgrading this stretch of road refused to fix this

If you opt to cycle on safer side that is near the kerb, the car drivers have inherent hatred to cyclists and push literally them out of the bitumen. It happened to me number of times and I fell, luckily not under a wheel of a hurry driver. No I have a perfect sense of balance, the very deep shoulder derailed me. We can see here how it looked more than a year ago and council obviously take no notice of cyclists safety.

No it is far beyond any local council matter. Mike Atkinson and Mike Rann, our leading state politicians refuse to give cyclists 1m space as cyclists demand for years. They force cyclists near the road edge (apparently all rules for cars apply to cyclists), refuse to make cycling lane and refuse to make a sealed shoulder with bicycle path.  Does it sound like they care for cyclists and their safety? They leave such dangerous road edge for years and even when upgrading roads, they refuse to fix it. They hate cyclists.

snear set for cyclists by Telstra

Because government is irresponsible, so other agencies are as well. This trap of wire hanging from the poll moved by wind is left for cyclist to be injuried. It took me many months to complain to Telstra and to all levels of government to address the very dangerous practices and negligence in workplace.

Imagine the cyclist cruising along and spotting suddenly the wire loop and try to make a sudden manouver into the road centre and right under a fast car driver.

In case of tragedy, the police commissioner or other high officer would as we have seen on tv, declared, that it was very tragic accident. It is automatically implied that cyclist was at fault, no Telstra, no number of passing police cars and politicians going to and from their local offices and shopping. They are selectively blind. I call it irresponsibility.

Baloon blown in your face is to make Adelaide great, who care if you are killed in due process

When you cycle, the baloon is blown by wind in your face, you want to avoid and unfortunately get hit by incoming traffic. One stupid cyclist killed is nothing comparing to the growth of business. It makes Adelaide great, well one life lost. Who care?

Definitely not Mike Rann former and current Premier of SA.

Do I exaggerate?

I am a cyclist and have to face it for more than two years. The leading officer of the Road Transport have declared it as definite danger when saw those pictures.

Police constable at Holden Hill police have promised a few months ago that she will sort it out. Unfortunately police does not care about this because it does not generate them revenue.  Their safety in our money not in our safety.

using phone while driving is very common

Driving while using mobile phone like this lady driver of mercedes, is gravely dangerous to cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists but it is also dangerous to all road users.

So many politicians lied, sorry promised to stop this practice, and the effect is that more drivers use their phones.

What I want or propose? If government treated driving and safety seriously, such practice is not much different from bringing the knife point to your neck. Just a threat, potential or prerequisite to killing.

Ok, drive and talk by phone but get 20 year jail if you kill someone that way.

tailgating is lethal for cyclists

Weather police or anybody tailgate, in case of difficult situation, cyclist has no chance to survive.

Tailgating is an epidemic in Australia (see tailgating research page). The rate of tailgating range from 55 to close to 100% of drivers. Police not only openly declare not to observe the tailgating rule, but they themselves do tailgate giving an example to others how to drive dangerously.

Cyclists in Adelaide are treated as terrorists

Story behind this photo.  I cycled to city to find out the office of minister responsible for safety. There was no parking rails for bicycles and as seen on the photo, the sign on glass door warn not to park bicycles in the foyer.  I parked it leaning against the outer glass wall and took photo to show to minister how irrational it is.  While taking photo the very young man just walking into the building was a secrete police and interrogated me as a terrorist. He did not mind that I had large bag on bicycle rack leaning on the wall. It could be filled with explosives if terrorists would come there in my place. He got excited by my taking the photo with relatively large camera. By the way, these days anyone can take lots of photos with mobile phone without attracting attention.

He eventually released me but warned that I must not take photos of offices.

Moral of this story is that if you want to lobby government to improve safety and comfort to cyclists, you may end up in Guantanamo Bay.

Obviously I reported this incident to Mike Rann and all relevant politicians. They are absolutely unmoved and as whole page states, they are determined not to improve road safety nor any safety or comfort to cyclists.

On the photos with links below there is a bad pot hole or service hole of metal next to parliament house in Adelaide. I rode and by wheel got damaged on one and I fell on ashphalt luckily not under a wheels of car. There was nobody responsible for that. Eventually SA Water paid me the wheel damage under condition that I sign indemnity from any future law suite. Years later same service hole is there and nobody is responsible for fixing it. They wait until someone die as result of that and than they will blame God for that. Well an accident implies the will of God.

Other pictures of the negligence of Adelaide city council where I also damaged wheel (no crash) and they refuse to fix it. Some additional drawings on photo indicate some major mismanagement of the part of parkland.

Other incidents on bicycle include police abusing cycling and Police Complaint Authority call it a normal police duty.

Number of photos show the North East Rd near the Holden Hill police station where bicycle lane ends well before the busy intersection, car drivers are untrained to leave some space for cyclists, and the ashphalt to gutter inferface is on two levels. It is not rideable for cyclists and is very dangerous. The only logical solution for cyclist is to claim whole (narrow) left lane. It definitely infuriate long cue of drivers.  It is a virtual ban for cyclists there.  Solultions are possible if there would be anyone in government who take responsibility. The road would have to be smooth enough for safe cycling (see detailed photos), and one meter space guaranteed for cyclists, plus a proper driver training.  Additionally the bicycle lane should not end before intersection but be running through with cars permitted to drive behind or next to cyclist if space permits. Some space from a footpath can be assigned to cycle lane as well.

Stupid is also fact that road rules forbid cyclists to ride on footpath. For safety and convenience it should be allowed and off course responsibility given to cyclist not to injure pedestrians.  There are number of issues, number of new rules to be implemented but there is no one in government to take responsibility.

Cyclists reduce traffic density, improve general health and reduce pollution, yet they are hunted down by government. When negligent driver hit and injure cyclist, police has orders not to investigate the real reason the driver hit the cyclist. No blood sample is taken, no driving ability checked, no medical or mental ability checked, nothing is done to compensate damages to cyclist or bicycle, nothing is done to require that driver to upgrade one’s driving skills so one is unlikely to cause any more crashes.

Road rules in modern version require cyclist to give way to powerful cars at round about. How come when cyclists suppose to have same rules and privileges.

In fact I propose that we should demand that government declare and treat cyclists as vulnerable road users and give cyclists some privileges:

1. One meter space when car overtakes.

2. Head start from traffic lights similarly to bus or even on same lane and when same lamp “B” (B stands for bus and bicycle), so cyclist can cross the intersection safely without obstructing cars and then all cars start.

3.  Where in doubt like round about, equal intersections or any other situations of decision, bicycle should get priority rights.

4.  In any case of crash, the car driver be responsible for the damage to cyclist. Even if cyclist make mistake or appear to, driver is faster, more powerful and more dangerous and must take responsibility to crash into cyclist. This is based on rationale that when cyclist hit the car, will not kill the driver, but if he car hit the cyclist, one easily kill one.

5.  All roads must have bicycle lane or at least space of 1m for car to overtake cyclist, otherwise new rule must forbid car driver to overtake cyclist. Let it be tight space in the tunnel or on the bridge or anywhere.


Posted April 1, 2010 by mmistrz

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