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This page is to bring attention of society that government which suppose to organise, manage roads and ensure safety and order, but one is not managing but gambling instead.

As many pages on this website explain that there is nothing government does to ensure order and safety, but everything to allow or even create chaos and lawlessness.

Government decided to coerce all drivers into gambling game as a solution.

Gambling is based on nothing but hope or a chance. I am talking about the insurance which operates exactly on those principles.  You have to pay insurance to cover eventual injury you cause.

Government fail to make sure that mentally sound, medically sound, and well trained drivers are given license, but one force you into gambling. It is ok if you decide to insure yourself, it is ok to pay unforeseen crash you may cause but at this same time neglecting the obvious factors which prevent such crashes or make it unlikely, this is wrong.

This is an obvious negligence and mismanagement, but this also produces a secondary problem.  Insurance companies advertise that they do not mind if you have some crashes, you are still regarded as a good driver. You do not have to upgrade your driving skills.

Lets consider another view of this problem.

The obvious road danger and government tells you and actually forces you to pay lots of money to solve the problem. Not training to become a better driver and prevent crash but paying money suppose to make you safe on the road. Does it make sense? Why don’t you bombard you local MP and any other government office to demand sensible approach and true road safety management.

We pay, get injured or killed and then officials blame God for that.  An accident mean just that. Nobody made any mistake, it is a God’s will that crash occurred.  What a nonsense set by our government.

Is your life and your children and family worth to gamble?

What about the red lights, and speed detection cameras and police?  All has absolutely nothing to do with safety and everything to do with revenue raising.  It is to say that if you pay, than you and society is safer. Yes, they without any mercy extract your money and wait to extract more. They never require you to address medical problems they cause you to drink and drive, or mental problems, or simply to upgrade your driving skills. So literally the government practice the policy that the more you pay the more safe you suppose to be.  If you are an alcoholic, all you have to do is to pay and you are ok.

On road safety and on about all aspects of government the government only effective management is my and your money. Government is not managing anything else.


Posted April 3, 2010 by mmistrz

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