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Police tailgate this driver clearly and for no reason

Politicians and their advisers appear like they would live on another planet. One may expect that someone does not know the rules, but the more you dig, the more it smell. Politicians from top, down to bottom that is courts and police are all supporting actively corruption. Tell them, show the evidence and they will do everything to silence you, discredit, threaten, ignore or even punish for revealing ill intent and corruption. This is the photo evidence of police woman tailgating another car. Further down some more photos will show that it is standard behaviour rather than a mishaps.

Police allow young drivers to tailgate themselves also for no reason

Just a few hundred meters the police car is being badly tailgated by very young lady driver (most serious tailgators are young ladies). Police does not pay attention at all because they do exactly this same.

Here police play a vital role in forming the driving culture. Drivers learn how to drive from police and later are surprise when police give them fine for inappropriate driving. This phenomenon is commonly referred as  Revenue raising.

When police in media say that they care about road safety, they refer to revenue raising and care that nobody drive safely thus depriving them of valuable revenue.

Police break the speed limit 2 times over and nobody will punish them

Same police woman just a bit further does 50 in 25kmh zone. You do not have to be a Nobel Prize winner in psychology to figure out that the young lady in blue car above or any other driver take an example from police and does this same. No, it is not my invention, but actually on media people complain that drivers do usually twice the speed than what is displayed when there is a road works. I can confirm that.

Well one police car on a stretch of a bit more than one kilometer does at least 3 different road offences.

When you try to complain to Police Complaint Authority they will reply that police was driving to a very serious action or was driving behind very dangerous criminal. They do it every time. Perhaps now and then do some exception to have a few examples that they are not corrupt.

Logically if you drive 50 in 25 zone there is no mercy, you have to pay lots of money fine. This does not apply to police. If this is so, then let it be clear that police can do what they want to and it is always justified. At present the rule say that only police on action lights and siren can exceed the speed limit.

By the way even if you succeed and  police officer was found guilty, one would not pay from own pocket as you and me but from public money.

police instruct learner motorcyclist how to tailgate

This is example of police not just tolerating tailgating but also that they do not understand nor wish to understand the road safety issues, nor to eliminate them nor to improve safety.

Police often say that speed kills. Not many question this as it is largely sensible. In fact the speed is just one factor contributing to death and injury. Tailgating is a complex behaviour comprising number of danger factors including speeding. Tailgating is much more serious than just speeding. Police by ignoring it, ignores the safety issue alltogether.

This police car also tailgate a car in front (one’s side mirror is clearly visible). By this police shows absolute lack of understanding of safety issues.

police for no reason does tailgate and allow to be tailgated

Another police driver tailgate and allow to be tailgated for a considerable distance.

Police not only does not care about cyclists safety but police officers abuse cyclists and PCA justify it as the police is just doing their job. Number of times police showed that they hate cyclists and do absolutely nothing to ensure safety to cyclists.

Overall it looks and is very sickly, it is antisocial as they would be sociopaths or even psychopaths. On the other hand it looks like they had a joy or personal gain from road problems.  Obviously there is no way they act in professional manner.

Now let me show what the federal minister say about the lawless roads in Australia and in particularly in South Australia.

My first message to him was in response to an article where he claimed that he wants to engage in public debate. As soon as I saw that he blames drivers for road problems, it was very clear that he has no clue of what are the road problems. I invited him to cooperation and he declined and sent me political garbage not worth to publish. He also threaten me to prosecute if I make it public in the disclaimer below. This is his response to my allegation of wide spread corruption as number one cause of road problems. His nonsense reply shows only that he is out of touch with road safety reality.  He ignored all my important issues and allegation and sent me the disclaimer threat.  I have told him that this is a public matter and I treat is as such. I disagree that it should be covered up or hidden from public. Such cover up is a prime cause of corruption.

Later on I will add some correspondence with Premier Mike Rann before an election and any other relevant documents.


Hi Mr Albanese, 1/3/10

There is a public wisdom which state that if a politician says something, one lies and the truth is usually the opposite to what one says.

Lets put you for a test. The stake is far too high to speculate. There is a remote chance that you are a genuine and want but have no clue how to improve safety. I will be for a start very sceptical on your intentions.

Mr Albanese, I’ve read an article where you call for a national debate because you want an improvement. This is perhaps the only thing you’ve said right there. In everything else you are wrong.

You blame drivers for all the safety problems. You implicate that government is right. Here is exactly other way round. It is that government is all wrong and only one must be blamed. Should government become right, than we start to blame drivers.

I have to introduce myself. I am a long term road safety campaigner. Always government was negligent and not serious.

Problem number one is a wide spread corruption in Australia. I mean noting works as should and there is nobody responsible for anything. This is a corruption.

If you Mr Albanese ignore or deny this message, you judge yourself as one who does not care on road safety. Check facts first and then make decision.

Second major factor are the national road rules. The rules in my terms are drawn by the hoons or hoon minded people. The rules never were intended to be known by all drivers. (I suspect you do not understand what I mean – if it is the case ask me and I send you a link to my website where it is explained in details).

SA police is both corrupt and seriously undertrained in road safety issues. They have problems to interpret the rules as they are. They also fail to honor the rules. Again this is just a keyword, ask me for explanation if you are serious.

Nobody knows real road situation. The long serving police officers, ministers, road transport department nor even the road safety research team at universities have specific information when I questioned them. When I wandered how any minister or any politician can make any rational decision on road safety if there is no real life on road data available, I assumed it is very difficult and expensive to make. I tried and developed simple and inexpensive research method and did it. I offered my results and method free of charge and no one was interested. In fact the local university offended me and become very aggressive towards me just to hide their large corruption. Again Mr Albanese, just ask me for details of that.

Next factor is lack of adequate driver training.

Another factor is lack of mental screening and medical screening of candidates and trouble drivers.

Mr Albanese, there is absolutely no interest in road safety in SA nor nation wide.

Should you become interested truly in road safety, please let me know and we may debate issue by issue. Not only it is ok to debate publicly but we should.

Weather you decide to cooperate with me or not I am going to show my experience on internet.

One more thing, the road safety is my priority and if the corruption is a factor, it must be honestly identified and corrected. I do not hunt for corrupt people but to remove it. If you fail to be honest even if it is your party problem, you will not suceed. Both parties are equally guilty of corruption and lets concentrate on safety.

Are you truly interested Mr Albanese in improving dramatically road safety???

Road safety campaigner



Further to your email dated 1 March 2010, please find attached a response on behalf of the Hon Anthony Albanese MP, Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government.


This message has been issued by the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government.

The information transmitted is for the use of the intended recipient only and may contain confidential and/or legally privileged material.

Any review, re-transmission, disclosure, dissemination or other use of, or taking of any action in reliance upon, this information by persons

or entities other than the intended recipient is prohibited and may result in severe penalties.

If you have received this e-mail in error, please notify the Department on (02) 6274-7111

and delete all copies of this transmission together with any attachments.



Mr Anthony Albanese,

This disclaimer is another proof of the ill intent of yours and your department. This disclaimer is another reason of the open corruption and very dangerous roads. This disclaimer effectively try to silence the criticism of government corruption, this disclaimer tries to cover up the policy of killing and injuring innocent road users. It is an abuse of power. The road safety in general is a public matter and all must be fair and open. There is nothing private. I do not discuss your private road between public road and your house. It is your private matter.

I urge you to remove this disclaimer and never use it again. In a matter of fact, I am already publishing this disclaimer along with our correspondence.

The attached document of yours is a lie. There is nothing pro safety and everything pro unsafe roads. You are still refusing to cooperate with me in order to improve road safety in radical way and to stop this lawlessness on our roads we currently have. Both, state and federal government do waste money and because you refuse to take action to stop corruption and waste, you actively support corruption. Let me mention only police in SA and road safety sections in SA, Monash unis as well as the Austalasian College of Road Safety and road transport department.

Be sure that all correspondence and your activities and lack of will be scrutinised by the public. Lock me in jail for that as you promise in your disclaimer. Or if you truly care for safety and justice and peace and law and order, please remove this disclaimer from this and any future correspondence and start to cooperate and act for the best interest of innocent citizens.

At present it is impossible to drive safely and peacefully in Adelaide. Police refuse to enforce the rules and police gives example of dangerous and bad driving and police refuse to take the reports of dangerous drivers. The road rules are not only not comprehensive but they promote danger and aggression on the road. They are illogical and road rules of Australia were not developed to be known by all drivers by heart and they are not known. They are just a few examples and without that solved properly it is impossible to ensure safety. Ignoring those issues does not allow you nor any official to say that they care for safety.

Road safety campaigner


Posted March 30, 2010 by mmistrz

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