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I’ve sent an invitation to all local  media namely tv channels and radio abc as well as 5AA. All declined to cooperate but ch 7 answered.

At first the chief producer to my surprise either wanted to insult me personally or he think that road safety is a nightmare for him.  Some time later Francesca from same channel have actually expressed interest so I replied to her.  She never again replied and weather she got disinterested or her boss disallowed her, I do not know.

Perhaps my language needs some polishing but not the message of road safety cooperation. He could simply invite me for a chat and ask to present what I’ve achieved and what is my aim.

I tried to encourage them, showed that they can be involved actively or passively, simply allow me to use their premises and perhaps to broadcast the outcome. Now ch 7 says that they are not interested in road safety at all and actually get upset when I propose them to cooperate.

Michael,                                    Feb 22, 2010, 1:05 PM

From your email you sound like a nightmare to deal with. Please count us out.

Graham Archer Producer |  Today Tonight


* Good day Francesca, Mar 8, 2010, 9:45 AM Thanks for an invitation to cooperate on road safety. I am road safety campaigner and the issues I deal with I know often as hardly anyone else. As soon as I found that police, ministers, uni and transport dept have no real figures on how bad tailgating is in SA, I decided to make my own, private research on the issue and I got interesting and alarming results. Government preach that speed kills. It is not quite true. It is also just one aspect of safe/unsafe driving. Tailgating usually comprise of complex factors including speeding. It is much more important than just a speed. It happened some time ago that ch7 let me in and on the building where I filmed a short film clip and analyzed. Unfortunately it was not a busy traffic so the result is limited.* Now I have expanded my study and have much more comprehensive results. Creating my webpage I intend to include the cooperation of ch7 and other media as well as politicians.Cooperation with ch7 is very limited so far but positive. If you decide to cooperate more, it is better for my study, better for ch7 and better for society. It costed you hardly anything, just the cost of the staff assisting me for the 15 min of shooting. How I see ch7 can cooperate? It can be Today tonight only or this program plus more. It is up to ch7. One way you can help is to give me some more access to the high point on your premises overlooking the road (intersection) at morning and afternoon peek. Then ch7 can publish my overall results with an interpretation and how it can improve safety for SA and thenation. Because my research is first in Australia and likely in the world, it is pioneer study, you should be proud of. My method is very simple and cheap so it can be promoted that school children and even institutions like road transport and police can do it. Well it does mean that government and officials are not willing at the moment improving safety nor study nor even acknowledging my results. Therefore ch7 can uptake it and promote that individuals can do it. This however inevitably will cause change of heart of government. Ch7 can expand the road safety message on many other aspects. I am surely boring personbut can point to at least one local specialist on safe driving who can help with the program. Now I only said about one aspect and my research. There is other important side of it. There is a wide spread corruption which allow the road danger and lack of results from mentioned departments and offices. It is up to you if you are going to tackle this part. Back to filming from ch7 building. You can give me again access and I continue or I can instruct your staff how to and you can do it. This option would be particularly favourable in case if you are going to promote this study among school children and individuals and officials.I have analyzed many other aspects of road safety and also have some elegant solutions to many of on road problems. It is now up to you if and how you are willing to cooperate.

road safety campaigner


Posted November 3, 2010 by mmistrz

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