Speed cameras – public safety or theft?   1 comment

Speed cameras – public safety or theft?


Long time ago, number of people accused the government for raising revenue through the use of speed cameras and they rejected the official propaganda that it is for public safety.

Did I change my view after paying my first speeding fine? Yes, I paid my first speeding fine but I already knew that it is pure revenue raising exercise.

Lets assume for a moment that government really care for public safety and assume that speeding fine is to improve people’s safety.

When you pay your fine, all you have to do is to get rid of some money. That’s it. I mean that end of safety.

That’s right, nothing in safety to the public in fact that you pay money to the government.

Let’s look at that from a different perspective.

When you spend your money, it is when you want a goods or services.

If you get the goods or services you want, you get satisfaction. When you spend money and receive something wrong or nothing it is deception or a fraud.

When you pay a speeding fine, you receive exactly nothing. It is a theft or deception.

Speeding fine have zero value for money.

Hopefully, now is clear that speeding fine is a theft and not a safety measure.

The former SA minister for road safety accumulated large number of speeding fines. That  fact tells us many things. One of them is, that it definitely has nothing to do with safety.    The fine is not a deterrent.

If government was serious, the first offense would be a normal mistake but subsequent mistakes would be a definite offense and punishment would be designed in such a way that no subsequent re-offense would be practical.

Let me give a hypothetical and exaggerated example.

One may have an excuse that one did not intended to shoot close to someone for the first time but how many times you may use same excuse?

My idea of how should it work for any road offense clearly a dangerous driving.

First time you offended and receive an invitation to come before a panel of experts who explain to you what wrong you have done against society. You have to pay for experts to explain to you and they also warn you that next re-offense will bring much more serious consequences. Then you would have a value for many you have to pay. Definitely the experts would try to work out what was the actual cause that you offended and they would give recommendations. You could be sent to an oculist, GP, to have extra number of driving lessons, or whatever they decide.

The subsequent re-offense, would do same but on much more serious level likely losing license for some period. Any further re-offenses would warrant you lose a license for good. Driving without a license after you was warned by experts would warrant you to be detained and your mind would be corrected.

Not many drivers would re-offend. That would definitely be a care for safety.


Posted April 10, 2013 by mmistrz

One response to “Speed cameras – public safety or theft?

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  1. Of course it is just a revenue and has nothing to do with the safety. Otherwise how to explain no speed limits on some roads in Germany?

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